9 Feature Rich and Best Android Dialer Apps in 2018

AppBytes: Looking for best Android dialer apps to replace your boring stock dialer. Then you must check this list of best phone dialers contact manager apps available for Android in 2018.

The smartphones we are using these days are more than just Phones. They are the one-stop hub for everything. Smartphones let you watch stream videos, play games manage your work and what not everything. The list might be huge and the smartphones might get countless features that are smart and intelligent, but it isn’t called a PHONE if it doesn’t have the ability to make calls.

A smartphone is not called a PHONE if it does not have the ability to make calls.

For the coming decades, new features may come and go but the ability to make calls will retain in smartphones for years, however, it may change the interface. This very point has become a boon to Android developers and app makers. They have come up with various dialer apps for Android that assist users in making calls in a better way.

By default, every Android device comes with a stock dialer that is developed by the manufacturer. These dialer apps mostly meet the requirements to make calls and organise contacts. One thing that these default Android dialer apps lack is that they don’t have customisation options. Moreover, they are not updated and patched.

This is what makes users look for alternative phone dialer apps. Android is known for its ability to customize everything the way you like. You can install any app you like and stay with the one that satisfies your requirements.

Talking about the dialer apps, there are several alternatives to the default stock dialers. There are hundreds of Android dialer apps and these apps are designed to meet the latest trends.

But not every app on Google Play is useful, many of them are just adware that doesn’t provide any value to users. So picking up the right app from these huge pile of dialer and contacts app is a daunting task.

We have made a list of best Android dialer apps by filtering all the useless dialer apps found on PlayStore. We have personally tested and tried these dialers and the list includes the dialer apps that are popular, secure and are rich in features.

So find out the latest Android dialers for 2018 that will help you stay connected with your loved ones.

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List of Best Dialer Apps for Android in 2018

9. True Phone Dialer &Contacts

Truephone Android dialer

This dialer app will impress users who look for customization options. True Phone dialer is a unique app that easily integrates with all custom Android skins and offers several built-in customization options. With support for Dual SIM, this dialer offers space for lots of customization by offering various settings to manage contacts and organize them efficiently. You can choose from various themes while the default dark theme looks beautiful by default.


  • Theme manager with unlimited Colors options.
  • Contact manager, optimizer, Editor and merge options.
  • Traditional T9 dial pad option.


True Phone Dialer & Contacts
True Phone Dialer & Contacts

8. OS 9 Dialer:

OS 9 Dialer

Everyone loves to own an iPhone. Apple’s iOS looks beautiful and the default dialer and contacts app in iPhones doesn’t need any alternative. If you wish to experience the joy of using iPhone then you can do it on your Android phone as well because Android is super cool.

OS 9 Dialer lets you switch your stock contacts and dialer app to the premium iOS dialer. It looks pretty much similar to the dialer present in iPhone. It looks just like that of iOS dialer and even has the slide to lift feature of iPhones.

Apart from these iOS-like features it comes integrated call recorder, Call blocker to block calls and Fast T9 Photo Dialpad. If you want to turn your stock Android dialer to iOS dialer then nothing can be as perfect as OS 9 dialer.


  • Slide to Show Private Number’s Caller ID.
  • Hide Caller ID for your Privacy on incoming calls.
  • Business dialer for auto calling.


OS9 Phone Dialer
OS9 Phone Dialer
Developer: JPtech
Price: Free

7. Metro Phone Dialer

Metro Phone Dialer App

Windows phone is a big failure for Microsoft and there is no doubt in it. There might be several reasons like lack of Apps and support from Microsoft. But one has to admit that Windows Phone has fairly decent UI called Metro UI. The contacts app in Windows comes with an option called “Live Tiles” and it is way more pretty than other contemporary dialers.

If you are missing out that tiled UI, Metro Phone dialer helps you turn your boring dialer in Windows-themed dialer. It is a perfect blend of performance and looks which will provide you very new and unique experience of using dialer. Metro phone dialer provides you very new clean and perfect user interface.

You can even customize the app with colours of your choice and other customizations options are present in the dialer. It even has a premium version with additional capabilities.


  • Metro phone dialer gives you very fast and perfect experience with top-notch performance.
  • Simple and easy to use with Metro UI.
  • Tab navigation to easily switch between favourites, history, contacts and dialer.


Metro Phone Dialer & Contacts
Metro Phone Dialer & Contacts

6. Simpler Contacts & Dialer

Simpler Dialer

Are you missing out the good old T9 keypad, then you don’t have to miss anymore as this dialer by SimplrApps comes with a T9 dialer that quickly lets you search people by names and numbers? It is good Android contacts manager app. The app is integrated with all the necessary tools that users need. With an aim to improve productivity, developers facilitated the app with useful filters and cleanup tools. Just like the name the UI looks simple making it easy to use.


  • Tools to block spam and unwanted calls.
  • Efficient contact management tools like merging and backup contacts quickly.
  • Choose over 40 colour themes.
  • Instant options to send texts and emails to groups.


Easy Contacts and Phone
Easy Contacts and Phone
Developer: LSM Apps
Price: Free

5.  Exdialer

A very simple dialer app with a minimal interface and no show-offs. It features options that are must have and most needed, It looks like the early traditional Android dialer that has the ability to manage call logs and contacts. It has Android material inspired User interface and is very fast in terms of performance.

Even though it looks minimal it has got some really cool features that can be extended using plugins. Thes include geocoder, customizable notification alerts etc.


  • Built-in gestures and shortcuts for quick navigation and access.
  • Supports more than 30 languages.
  • Support additional customisation with the help of Plugins.
  • Themes support to change the look and feel.


ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts
ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts
Developer: Modoohut
Price: Free

4. Contacts+

Contacts+ dialer

This is the elegant and beautiful Android dialer app with an impressive blur User interface. It has the potential to replace the default OEM dialler app on your phone as it has all the basic tools like merging, searching and backup. Apart from these basic features, it comes with encryption tools to protect your contacts from outsiders. It is also one of the best caller ID app. Contacts+ dialer app helps you easily switch between contacts, SMS and call log. Try this best Android dialer with beautiful design.


  • Elegant blur User interface.
  • Powerful call blocking and Spam filter engines.
  • Identifies Unknown calls.
  • Strong encryption and security feature.
  • Quick integrations with third-party apps like WhatsApp, Gmail and others.


Developer: Contacts Plus team
Price: Free

3. Eyecon Phone Dialer & Contacts

Eyecon Dialer

Eyecon is a unique and one of the best Android dialer that doesn’t annoy users with ads. It is FREE, yes Ad Free too. There is a reason for calling UNIQUE dialer because it lets you see who actually called you. Surprising right? By integrating with Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Eyecon dialer adds photos your contact book allowing you to identify the people who called you. It is another best Caller ID to identify unknown callers through photos.

Apart from this unique feature, Eyecon Phone dialer comes with quick shortcuts through which you can communicate with your contacts seamlessly. Additionally, it comes integrated with Caller ID feature so that you can identify unknown callers.


  • Visual Caller ID: See names and photos instead of numbers for unknown callers and your contacts.
  • Syncs with Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedin and help you communicate with one touch.
  • A powerful Spam filter that accurately filters SPAM using data from Social media sites as well.
  • Tonnes of options for customization.


2. Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

This is a powerful all-in-one best Android dialer app. This app lets you quickly manage Contacts and helps you efficiently make calls on the go. It is a smart dialer app that integrates with your other connectivity options like WhatsApp, Messenger and Hangouts. With this one app, you can easily switch between various communications options available for people in your address book.

Mentioning about the design, the app looks very modern with a simple interface. The bubbleheads are very handy while making and taking calls. Also if you install Drupe contacts app you don’t have to search for a call recorder as it comes with the option by default.

There are several features that are worth mentioning and here are a few of them:


  • Modern UI with easy shortcuts.
  • Integrate seamlessly with all communication apps including Twitter and Instagram messaging.
  • Comes with driver mode to provide maximal safety.
  • Has Call recorder and caller ID functionality.


Currently, this phone dialer has been removed from the Google PlayStore. It may be temporary and may return soon.

1. Truecaller: Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer

best android dialer

Probably an app in the list that doesn’t need any introduction. True caller is one of the most famous and powerful Android dialer apps. It is most famous for its versatile Caller ID detection feature that will allow users to find out Unknown numbers. It is beyond a Caller ID finder app as it offers other features like dialer, SMS organizer, SPAM blocker. With built-in dialer, It is one of the best dialer apps for Android

With nearly 250 Million+ active users and a huge database of callers, Truecaller can automatically identify Telemarketing calls and SMS. It is one of the best and feature-rich dialler and contact management app.


  • Smart call and SMS management dialer app.
  • Accurate SPAM and Telemarketing call blocker.
  • Automatic Caller ID detection.
  • Let’s you know if the contact is available to take calls.
  • Flash messaging – Share location, emoji & status in a flash to your friends.
  • Backup call history, contacts and settings to Google Drive.
  • Dual SIM support.


Truecaller: Caller ID & Block
Truecaller: Caller ID & Block
Developer: Truecaller
Price: Free

Final Verdict:

As said earlier we have refined the list with only top and best dialer apps for Android and to further assist you better in picking the right app for your phone dialer, here is a rundown of quick sorting based on usage. Truecaller, Drupe and Eyecon dialers are best for users who look for more features and integration with social apps. Contacts+ dialer best fits with users who look for design options.

Exdialer, Simpler Contacts are good for users who prefer simplicity over complexity. OS 9 dialer and Metro Phone dialer are for geeks who experiment with different apps as they look like other cross-platform dialers. Finally, Truephone dialer is a minimal dialer with quick navigation options.

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