7 Best Secure Messaging apps with Encryption for Privacy

AppBytes: Need to quickly communicate with friends and family? Worried about privacy? Check out the list of the best secure messaging apps for Android and iOS with encryption to safeguard your privacy.

Today it hardly takes a second to message a person who is on the other end of the Earth. Thanks to the rise and availability of smart instant messaging and chatting apps that erased the borders. With the availability of smartphones and free chat applications, modern-day communication has changed a lot than it was a decade ago.

It is just a matter of seconds to send a message to anyone on the planet who has an active internet connection. These apps are not only confined to chatting they also allow users to make audio and video calls.

With the advent and Android and iOS mobile operating systems, there are hundreds of chatting apps on Google PlayStore and Apple appstore. But are they secure?

Privacy and security are two important factors to take care of while communicating with others. There might be several apps that may eavesdrop your conversations. So you need to pick a secure chatting app to protect your privacy.

Also when it comes to instant messaging apps, both the users must be on the same platform to communicate securely. So one has to choose the messaging apps that are popular across the world. Keeping this in mind we have compiled a list of best and secure chatting apps that are popular and secure. So check out these best secure messaging apps for Android and iOS.

Best Secure Messaging Apps for Android and iOS

  1. Signal
  2. Telegram
  3. WhatsApp
  4. Viber
  5. Threema
  6. Dust
  7. Wickr Me

1. Signal [OpenSource and Privacy focused]

secure messaging apps

Signal Private messenger which is developed by Signal foundation that is being led by Brian Acton, co-founder of WhatsApp is an opensource encrypted communication app. The app is available for free and protects user privacy.

Edward Snowden, the NSA whistleblower recommends using Signal messenger as it protects free expression and enables secure global communication.

The app is relatively simple and secure without compromising on user privacy. With Signal you can send encrypted messages to your friends, make calls and send attachments with ease and securely. If you are looking for some of the best private messaging apps, then no other can be as reliable as Signal Messenger.

The primary reason why every privacy conscious users instantly fell in love with this secure chat app is that it is opensource and its code has been reviewed and audited by many. So no strings attached. In fact, many other popular messaging apps rely on Signal communication protocols for an extra layer of security.

It is 100% free to use and has no intentions to sell or show ads in the near future as well.

Here is what experts say about Signal:

Signal Messenger Reviews


  • Most reliable and secure
  • Easy to use
  • Encrypted Voice and Video calls.
  • Disappearing messages.
  • Can transfer multiple file types as attachments
  • Secure group chats.

Signal Messenger is available for Android, iOS and Desktop platforms

2. Telegram [Privacy Based Messaging app]

telegram messaging app

Telegram is one of the most privacy-focused messenger apps for more advanced users. This app is for users who thrive to protect and secure their digital conversations.  It is an encrypted chat service that offers everything offered by WhatsApp with an additional layer of security and privacy.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram stores messages in Cloud servers saving your phone memory.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram stores users data on secure cloud servers which are encrypted. This offers flexibility and reliability. Also, Telegram has several additional features that are not present in WhatsApp. Telegram is one of the fastest growing messaging service and a better alternative to WhatsApp.


  • Self-destructing messages.
  • High-level privacy and security.
  • Famous for Telegram stickers.
  • Telegram supports bots that are very useful.
  • Supports files sharing with higher limits.
  • Allows texting, audio and video calling along with group chats.

Download: Android, iOS and Web

3. WhatsApp [Most Popular Messenger App]


There will hardly be any internet who is not familiar with WhatsApp. It is so famous that its name has become synonymous for chatting on mobile. With more than a billion users WhatsApp is the most used and most popular chatting app right now. It is popular with almost all the age groups. WhatsApp is easy to use and is one of the secure chatting apps.

With WhatsApp, you can chat with any person who has a WhatsApp account and internet connection. It also allows users to make secure audio and video calls without any extra cost. It is completely free for and doesn’t even show ads(at least for now).

WhatsApp offers end-to-end encryption which encrypts your conversations so that they stay private. WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook also consistently releases new features to keep the platform more exciting.


  • Most popular free Instant Messaging app.
  • Very secure, reliable and encrypted.
  • Easy to use and Simple interface.
  • Supports texts, audio calls and video calls.
  • Social features like status updates.
  • Supports Emoji’s, GIFs and Stickers.
  • Has many other cool handy features for better chatting experience.

Download: Android, iOS, Web and others

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4. Viber [Secure VoIP Calls]


The popular Japanese Instant messaging app is one of the most secure chat apps that provides end to end encryption by default. Viber serves over a billion users and is one of the best instant messaging apps that you can rely on for privacy. Viber is popularly known for its secure VoIP calls that are end-to-end encrypted.

On the other hand, the app also has some social features and also integrates e-commerce features into the service. It is one of a kind that enables social commerce which lets you quickly converse about the trending products with your friends and contacts.

Viber has an option to enable secret chats that protects your privacy and to cement it, even more, you can self destruct your secret chats by setting a timer.

Apart from these privacy features it has all the latest features like stickers, GIFs, secure high quality calls, group chats and many more. With Viber, you can even call landline numbers.

Key Features:

  • End-to-End encrypted.
  • High quality encrypted calls.
  • e-commerce integration.
  • Secret chats and Self destruct messages.
  • Viber communities with unlimited members.

Download: Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

5. Threema (Premium)


Threema is an infamous secure chatting app that only a few people know. It is the main choice of communication platform for journalists and privacy concerned users. Threema uses the trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption. The encryption keys are generated and safely stored on users’ devices to prevent backdoor access or copies.

The app focuses primarily on privacy and security. The Swiss made messenger app is a premium app which costs around $3. It is a one time fee and the app show no ads for life.

Talking about the features the app makers has heavily invested in security. Threema uses end-to-end encryption in the best possible way. It not only encrypts individual conversation but also encrypts group conversations as well. It also encrypts statuses and media files too.

Threema collects the least user data of all the apps on the list. Data related to group memberships, contact lists and other personal information is stored on the device itself and are never uploaded to their servers. Every file that’s stored on your phone is secured and encrypted to prevent your data from bad objects on your phone making it even safer.

Key features:

  • All features that are available in other messaging apps
  • Enterprise grade security and data protection.
  • Threema Web is available
  • Doesn’t even collect metadata.
  • Data stored on your phone is also encrypted.
  • Engaging features like polls, agree/disagree feature, quick replies
  • Dark theme

Download: Web, Android, and iOS

6. Dust [Secure Chat App]

Dust chat app

Dust, the brainchild of Mark Cuban, American Entrepreneur and Investor is not just a secure messaging but is a suite of privacy focussed security tools that guards your digital privacy in the most secure way.

The app allows you to send private messages called ‘dusts’ that can be turned to dust with just a snap (you need a time stone). You can auto delete messages after a certain time. Dust also allows you to delete messages at the other end user as well.

Dust is co-founded by Mark Cuban with a vision to offer a private digital space to users. Adhering to the same notion along with secure messaging, Dust also has tools like stealth search and Watch dog. Stealth search protects your privacy while browsing the web by blocking trackers and cookies. Watchdog helps you to get notified if ever your personal data was compromised or leaked on the web.

Key Features:

  • Encryption
  • Safe search on web
  • Data breach alerts
  • Auto delete of messages

The app is available as a native mobile application for Android and iOS

7. Wickr Me [Used by Military]

Wickr is one of the best option available for advanced users and security agencies. It is not just a secure instant messaging but also can be a very secure collaboration tool at your workplace.

The best thing about Wickr is that you don’t even need an email or a phone number to register. Every chat is encrypted by default and protected by using a new key for E2E. It doesn’t store or access messages and contact data. No meta data is ever collected and stored.

It allows secure group chats for upto 10 members. You can set timer to delete your chats. One of the coolest feature of Wickr is its Shredder tool which overwrites all deleted Wickr content on your device leaving no traces of your private information making your data secure even if you lose it.

Wickr’s source code is open and can audited by anyone. So no backdoors and hidden codes.

Key Features:

  • Device to Device encryption and ephemeral.
  • Secure encrypted voice memos
  • Suitable for secure messaging at workplaces.
  • Used by Military and security agencies.

Download Wickr Me for Android and iOS

Final Verdict:

The apps in the above list are carefully picked based on the encryption standards used to protect the privacy of apps.

If you would us to pick a secure instant messaging app for regular usage we would instantly recommend Signal followed by Telegram.

Unfortunately these apps aren’t yet as popular as WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app, it is not as secure as Signal and Telegram.

Ever since the app was acquired by Facebook, the company started processing the data collected by WhatsApp. Also Facebook plans to launch ads on WhatsApp which would undoubtedly ruin the user experience.

Keep your friends and family safe by sharing this article with them and help them pick a private and secure chat app. Grow your network and communicate securely with your friends and family.

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7 Best Secure Messaging apps with Encryption for Privacy

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