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AppBytes: Are you a power user of Instagram? Are you looking for more features than the existing ones in original Instagram? If yes, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will reveal a simple Instagram alternative called GB Instagram, that will give you more features and controls than Instagram. These features include downloading images, videos and stories anonymously from Instagram, keeping a track of your followers etc. GB Insta is safe, secure and easy to use.

Instagram is one of the most used photo sharing app right now. The popularity of the app is growing exponentially and it drew the attention of millions of users including celebrities as well. This is because Instagram offers powerful privacy controls for its users who mostly use the app for sharing personal media.

The app is very popular among teens and most of them prefer Instagram for Facebook. This is the reason why Facebook quickly acquired Instagram and added to its huge line of products and services.

Every day Millions of users share countless photos and stories on Instagram and the usage is increasing with time. As Instagram doesn’t allow users to download photos and videos posted by other users. This feature has its own pros and cons as some people like it for the additional layer of security, while others just feel it annoying as they can’t simply download the nice pictures that catch their attention while browsing the feed.

If you want to secretly follow your crush and download her photos and stories you can’t do that on Instagram. There isn’t ay download option available. The only way to save them is to take a screenshot secretly. But wait, that was a matter of past as Instagram recently announced that it will alert the users if someone takes a screenshot of their media.

While this is nice privacy some people finally run out options to save Instagram photos by taking screenshots. But wait, the game isn’t over yet! You can still download photos and videos you come across on Instagram and that too you can Snoop anonymously without getting caught.

You can still download photos and videos you come across on Instagram and that too you can Snoop anonymously without getting caught.

Where there is a Will, There is a Way

Wondering how is this even possible?

Well, thanks to the app called GB Instagram which is the saviour of the day.  You can download the latest version of GB Instagram from the official and secure link from below. Learn more about GB Instagram and its countless possibilities, its features, usage etc.

GB Instagram Download

What is GB Instagram?

Let me quickly explain to you about GB Instagram and its wide possibilities. GB Instagram is a modified version of the original Instagram. everything looks similar while GB Insta comes with some additional features that are not found on Instagram. The app is safe to use and you will not be banned from using it.

The app is developed by Atnfas Hoak the developer who developed the popular WhatsApp alternative GBWhatsApp. Atnas Hoak worked on the MOD app along with Osama Ghareeb. They both developed a safe to use app which can be used simultaneously with the original Instagram. You can use two Instagram on one single device.

GB Instagram Themes

GB Instagram Themes

As we said it is a MOD app, people have a belief that they aren’t safe to use and users may get banned from using them. It is true to some extent, but regarding GB Instagram/GBInsta and GBWhatsApp, they are totally safe to use. The developers have taken precautions to make sure that users don’t get banned.

App Name GB Instagram
Developer Atnfas Hoak
Rating 4.5
Platform Android
Size 40 MB
Category Social Media
Downloads 500,000+

GB Insta Download (Latest Version 2020)

By now you might have clearly understood the capabilities of GB Insta and the benefits you can reap from the Instagram MOD app. So quickly install the app on to your phone and start using it.

How to download GB Instagram latest version on Android?

Visit Google PlayStore and search for GB Instagram, You might be shocked to see the results as you don’t find GBInstagram in the search results. Yes, GB Insta isn’t available for download on PlayStore this is because Google doesn’t allow MOD apps on Playstore.

But, How to download GB Insta Mod App?

GB Insta can be downloaded from any Third party website that provides reliable Android APK file for Installation on Android devices. Here at AppBeep, you can download a trusted version of GBInstagram from the download link below.

Using this APK file you can quickly sideload the app on your Android device. Please note that GB Instagram for iOS isn’t available for iOS support such apps.

Here below you can download the latest version of GBInstagram 2020 which is released by the official developers of GBWhatsApp.

Installing GB Insta On Android

From the above link, you can download the free GBInstagram APK to your Android mobile. Once done you can easily Install it by following the step-by-step guide explained below.

Step-By-Step Guide to Install GB Instagram latest version

Here is a quick guide to installing the app. You can refer to this guide and follow the instructions to quickly install the Instagram alternate app along with Instagram on your mobile.

Step 1: Locating APK file

Locate the downloaded APK file of GB Instagram. To navigate to the location, you can use any popular file manager like ES File Explorer or Google’s Files Go.

Step 2: Installing GB Insta App:

Now as you find the downloaded APK file of GB Instagram, just tap on the file to install it. You may face a popup asking if it is fine to allow apps from untrusted sources. If you face any such popup, you need to adjust the security settings to install the app from unknown sources. Here is what to do. Check the below screenshot.

GBInstagram Installation_1

Now doing so will allow the installation of the APK file and once the installation is successful you disable the above option.

GB Instagram Installation Android

GB Instagram Installation

Step 3: Post Installation Setup

Once the app is installed just open it like any other Android app on your device. You will be welcomed with a screen which is similar to the normal Instagram app.

Login to the app directly using your Instagram credentials. If you don’t have an Instagram account you can quickly sign up for one.

In this way, you can install and setup the app quickly in just a couple of minutes.

Login to GB Instagram

Login to GB Instagram

How To Download Images, videos and stories using GB Instagram?

As you have successfully installed GB Insta you can now easily download any media from Instagram with just a few taps and to do that you need to learn how to use it?

GB Instagram is very much similar to the original Facebook-owned Instagram app, except that it has a few other options that aren’t available on Instagram. So it doesn’t take days to master the usage of the modded app you can quickly learn it and download all the content that catch the attention of your eyes.

Here is How to Download media from Instagram:

  • To download the photos and videos from the app you need to launch it. Login to the app with your Instagram account if you haven’t logged in earlier.
  • Now you can see your Instagram feed which is filled with all the photos and videos of your friends your followers and fun pages.
  • To download your favourite media(Photos and Videos) click on the three dots located in the top right corner of that file. Now you will see the options in a popup.
  • In the options menu, you can see the download option. By tapping on it the media will be downloaded instantly to your phone. Upon successful downloading, you will get a toast notification indicating the status.
  • The same way you can download videos and GIF’s as well.
Downloading Photos from Instagram

Downloading Photos from Instagram

Download Status from Instagram

Download Status from Instagram

Things to be remembered:

There are still some small limitations and these limitations of Instagram impose restrictions on some options and here are the ones that you can’t do on Instagram.

  • You can’t download the images and videos you come across in sponsored posts and ads on Instagram.
  • If you are using Android Marshmellow and above you need to grant storage permissions to save the downloaded files to your gallery.
  • This trick doesn’t work on iOS.

Features of GB Instagram:

We have already mentioned that one can download Photos videos and stories on Instagram using Gb Instagram, this is the primary advantage of this mod APK. Apart from these main advantages, there are several other cool nifty features packed inside this app that can only be used using this app. So here below we have mentioned all the features that are loaded inside GB Instagram Mod APK.

  • Save Photos Instead of taking Screenshots: This is the best feature of Gb Instagram. You don’t have to take screenshots to save the photos you like on Instagram. With GB Instagram You can right away save them directly to your gallery.
  • Dual Instagram Feature: With GB Instagram you can run dual Instagram apps in a single device. One being the original Instagram and other being the GB Insta. If you are Instagram influencer this feature will help you manage your multiple accounts without issues.
  • Secure Updates: Gb Insta is continuously updated by its developers. So the app is reliable and safe to use. Moreover, it is based on the original Instagram app. So you will get all the latest Insta features and updates along with some new improvements.
  • No Rooting Required: This Instagram modified app does not require rooting of your Android device. It works even if your device isn’t rooted.
  • Download Videos and Stories:  You heard it right. GB Insta allows you to download videos and stories just with a simple tap. You don’t have to rely on any other third-party apps. This allows you to save your favourite Instagram videos for offline with ease.
  • Copy Option: With GB Instagram you can copy text from comments and Insta Bio from anywhere across Instagram.  This is a better option than users need most.
  • No Ban Issues:  Using GB Instagram doesn’t ban you from Instagram as it is safe and secure. In fact, GB Insta is designed on top of Instagram. So you don’t have to worry about getting banned from Instagram if you are using Gb Instagram.
  • Unlimited Customization Options: You can add themes to GB Instagram and customize it the way you like. It allows options to change the app colour theme and design giving you full control over customization. So customize it the way you like and impress your friends.
  • Zooming of DP and Media Preview: While the official Instagram doesn’t support zooming in the profile picture, you can do it with GB Insta. You can simply pan and pinch to zoom. Also, you can preview media and videos.

These features might have exited the geek in you. There are lot many other features you may like. So without any delay download the GB Instagram to your Android device and install it safely by following the above instructions.

GB Instagram Changelog:

Version 1.30
08-01-2018: Added Server Themes for In-App Download, Added Options to Theme Profile Screen(Mod 6), Added Options to Theme Notifications Screen(Mod 5), Fixed White line on Home Screen Many More Fixes

Version 1.20
19-11-2017: New Base Updated to (Beta), Added Options to Theme Home Feeds Page (Mod 4.1 – Mod 4.5), Added Poll, Added Options to Save/Load/Clear/Share Themes(GBSettings – More), Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Direct Message (DM) (1.2.17), Added Ability to Theme Like Color in Main/Chats Screen(Mod 2.2.11), Fixed Translucent Mod, Fixed Bubble Theme Color, Many More Fixes

Version 1.10
13-10-2017: Added Preview for Videos/Images (Now you can play videos in External Music Player), Added When some uploads More than 1 image Simultaneously, the download will save all pics at Once, Added Themed Comments page (Mod 3.x), Added GB Settings Icon on Header of the profile, Fixed Image Share Icon, Other Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Is It Safe to use GB Instagram?

Yes, GB Instagram is safe to use. It is a secure app that is built on top of the original Instagram app. As long as you download it from a trusted source it is totally safe and 100% secure.

2. Does Instagram ban users using GB Insta?

No, Instagram will not ban users using GB Instagram. GB Insta is just a modified version of Instagram to provide additional features that are not available on Instagram. Apart from that, there isn’t anything suspicious about it. So your Instagram account will remain safe.

3. Is my data Safe?

Yes, your data is safe. As GB Instagram is built on top Instagram it has all the security offered by Instagram. It has the same underlying security protocols that Instagram has. So your data is totally safe.

4. Is it possible to download Instagram Status using Gb Instagram?

Yes, It is possible to download Instagram Status using Gb Instagram Android app. The best part is you don’t need a third party app and with a simple tap, you can easily download Instagram status instantly.

5. Is Gb Instagram available for iPhone?

As of now, the GB Instagram app is not available for iPhone and iOS as it is exclusive to Android.

6. Is GB Instagram Popular?

Yes, Gb Instagram is getting very popular. Thanks to the word of mouth publicity that is getting to this Android app. Also, its ease of use and safety are other top reasons that made this app very popular among geeks and tech enthusiasts.


This is all about the GB Instagram mod app, that is famous for downloading media content on Instagram. You can keep your trust in GB Instagram app as it is secure and safe. Users are not banned on Instagram if they use this modified version of Instagram. With all these advantages this app is gaining traction among Insta lovers and after using it for a few days most of the users have completely stopped using the Instagram app.

So we hope that this app will definitely improve your productivity on Instagram by easing out several tasks for you.

Do share this useful app with your friends and if you face any difficulty in installing the app or if you have any queries feel free to reach us out through comments. We are happy to help you.

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