PhonePe: Make Instant Payments with India’s UPI Payments App

AppBytes: PhonePe is one of India’s most popular payments app. PhonePe is among India’s first UPI based apps. UPI is a new payments interface backed by the government. Download PhonePe and go cashless. Learn how to signup for the PhonePe wallet. Login to PhonePe and enjoy the freedom from paying bills.

PhonePe an app that doesn’t need any introduction India. PhonePe payments app is one of India’s most used payments app based on UPI payments system that is backed the Indian Government.  It is a mobile payment platform that allows anyone to send or receive money using Unified Payments Interface(UPI) system. With PhonePe you can also make mobile recharges, pay bills and enjoy cash back on shopping at various e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Myntra and eBay.

To enjoy all these benefits you need to create an account on the Phone Pe mobile app. So here in this article, we will help you with the PhonePe registration, PhonePe login procedure and a complete review of the app and its features. As you read on you can learn how to create a UPI address, create a Virtual Payment Address by linking your bank account to the Phone Pe app.

What Is PhonePe?

phonepe payments app

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PhonePe is a modern and convenient way to make mobile payments in India. PhonePe lets you manage like UPI payments to recharges, money transfers to online bill payments in a simple and secure way. If you are tired of the annoying Internet banking interface then PhonePe is at your rescue. It is way better than Internet Banking and offers you the safest and fastest online payment experience in India.

Features of Phone Pe Payments App

Phone Pe offers the convenience of transferring money from one bank account to another bank account seamlessly without hassles. Apart from money transfers, the app is packed with various other features that assist in paying bills and manage them on the go. Here below we listed some of the important features of Flipkart owned payments app.

  • With Phone Pe Send and request money from people in your contact book anytime, anywhere.
  • Recharge prepaid Mobile for most major operators/Datacard/DTH connections across the country.
  • Pay postpaid Landline, Datacard and Mobile Bills for all major operators.
  • Pay for utilities such as electricity and gas bills.
  • PhonePe helps you to check your account balance, save beneficiaries and manage multiple bank accounts with just one app so that you don’t have to search for ATM’s or nearby banks to check your account balance.
  • Get refunds and cashbacks to your bank account in an instant.
  • One of the interesting features of Phone Pe is Bill splitting. You can easily split bills with your friends and settle them right away.
  • Shop on Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, and other online shopping websites. It is integrated with Flipkart and its subsidiaries. You can manage the cashbacks and shopping credits from these sites using PhonePe wallet.

Benefits of Using PhonePe

Actually, there are many popular apps like PayTM and Freecharge. These apps also allow users to make payments, recharges and pay bills. You might question us asking “Why should I use PhonePe when I already use other payment apps like PayTM or Freecharge

That is definitely a good question and is worth answering. PhonePe offers various exclusive features and benefits that are not found in other apps that are already existing in your smartphone. It offers exclusive cashbacks on various deals and purchases made through the app or the UPI address generated through PhonePe.

So here are some of the compelling reasons to use and prefer PhonePe over other payment apps in India.

  • With Phone Pe you can transact up to Rs.1 lakh per transaction instantly at any time irrespective of holidays and time. It works 24/7 round the clock without any issues.
  • It has partnered with various leading brands like Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, eBay, Cleartrip Cafe Coffe day and various others.
  • You can get instant refunds and cashbacks from Phone Pe partner merchants into your PhonePe wallet.
  • Instantly check wallet balance that can be withdrawn to your bank account. No need to download and install dedicated bank applications for each account. You can easily manage all of them with Phone Pe app.
  • Top up your wallet using your UPI enabled bank account or a debit card to make instant payments to anyone.
  • One-click payments using your PhonePe account at any of our merchant partner locations.
  • Transact in the language of your choice. English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Assamese, Gujarati, and Marathi are now live. More languages will be added soon to the app.

Note: Unlike other wallets, PhonePe doesn’t charge for money transfer from the wallet to the bank account. Other wallets like Paytm charge about 1-4 percent from non-KYC users to transfer money or cash backs received in their wallet to their bank

How Does Phone Pe app work?

PhonePe is a reliable and trusted finance app that made money transfers flexible and easy. The mobile application works using the Unified Payments Interface(UPI) platform developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). all the transactions done through PhonePe are powered by Yes Bank Limited.

The entire solution is designed to provide a simple payments solutions. Transferring funds through PhonePe are very quick and user-friendly.

For instance, if you want to transfer money to your friend through a bank, you need to get his bank account number, IFSC code and other details. But with PhonePe, you only need his Virtual Payment Address(VPA) which is created when you signup with PhonePe.

Also, you can pay bills directly using the VPA or UPI address, no need of entering the debit or credit card numbers everytime you make a transaction online. So you can go cardless with Phone Pe.

The beauty of the app is that one doesn’t need to store any money in the wallet for making a seamless transaction. Plus we are also working on features that would allow a user to send money to a mobile phone number and this will be a game changer.

-Sameer Nigam, CEO and Co-Founder of PhonePe.

PhonePe Stats:

  • App Installs: 50 Million+
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Available for Android and iOS.
  • Best Finance App on both Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore.

Final Verdict:

The revolutionary payments app is a solution to all the cash problems. These smartphones have replaced many things we used in good old days. And now with these digital wallets, we can manage cash in a flexible and secure way. One thing that users love in Phone Pe is that it doesn’t require wallet top ups to make payment. You can instantly pay with VPA address. To secure transactions Phone Pe uses a private MPIN to authenticate the transaction. So you don’t have worry about your hard earned money if your phone goes out of your hard earned.

With such handy features and benefits, Phone Pe has become the most used UPI payments app surpassing payTM and Governments BHIM app.

So start using Phone Pe and enjoy paying bills with huge cashbacks.

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PhonePe: Make Instant Payments with India’s UPI Payments App

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