How to Save WhatsApp Status for Offline in Android?

WhatsApp has emerged as a powerful tool for conversations and discussions. The instant messaging app’s popularity is growing day by day. The app is very popular among developed nations and is now slowly spreading to the developing and low-income nations to get the next billion users onboard.

WhatsApp Statistics

To entertain its 1 billion+ users, the Facebook-owned instant messaging app is adding new features more frequently. The most recent features include Delete messages for everyone, Snapchat cloned status feature, update Emojis and more.

Out of all these, WhatsApp status feature is one of the best and most used feature nowadays in WhatsApp. It had replaced the traditional text status feature for which the app was originally created. Ever since the feature is introduced people started sharing their favourite images, Gifs and videos with their friends in the contact list.

As WhatsApp has a huge user base the penetration rate of this new feature has overtaken the original Snapchat stories in numbers.

The photos or videos users share as status will be displayed in a new tab “status” and will disappear after 24 Hours. Apart from just adding your favourite content to status, you can also view status updates of other users in your contact list.

Did you like the motivational Quote or the crazy picture of your best friend in their WhatsApp status? Ever thought of saving it for offline?

Everyone knows that these statuses will last only for 24 hours and get disappeared later. Officially, there is no download option by default. But there are some simple tricks to save WhatsApp status for offline.

In this quick guide, you will be learning ways to save WhatsApp status to your local storage.

So go through the below methods that teach you about saving your friends WhatsApp status anonymously.

Method 1: Using File manager

We all know that WhatsApp by default stores all your charts media and files locally on your device storage. Nothing is stored in WhatsApp servers like other instant messaging apps. So is the case with the new status.

Once the status is loaded for the first time it is saved locally so that users can view it at any point in time.

This logic of WhatsApp will help you to save WhatsApp status to your mobile so here is how you can take advantage of this logic.

  • For this trick, you need to install any popular file manager like ES File Explorer or Google File Go or any equivalent powerful file manager. If you already have these or any other skip this step.
  • Now open the file manager and navigate to WhatsApp folder in your phone storage.
  • By default, the folder where the status gets saved will be hidden. So in the File Manager options enable “show hidden files” to see the status folder.
  • Doing so a folder labelled as “statuses” will be visible to you where all your friend’s WhatsApp statuses get saved.
  • You can search for the required status in the folder and copy it to a different location.
  • Now rename it accordingly as per the file type with extensions like .jpg and .mp4 etc.,
  • This way you can save WhatsApp status to your local drive without rooting your Android device.
Saving WhatsApp Status

ES File Explorer

Saving WhatsApp Status

Method 2: Using GBWhatsApp

Ever heard of GbWhatsApp? If not, GBWhatsApp is one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp. It gives you more features than that of WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp is a modified Android app that is built on top of WhatsApp and is safe to use. It allows you to customise everything to suit your tastes.

You can even get rid of the old boring look of WhatsApp and add colours to it by applying themes. It has more privacy controls like locking Chats and hiding Blue ticks on an individual basis.

These are just a few features and you can learn more about GBWhatsApp where we have dedicated a complete article about downloading and installation of GBWhatsApp.

GBWhatsApp allows you to save your friend’s statuses by default and it is very simple. All you need is to just simply touch the download option from the options menu.

Status Downloading Feature In GBWhatsApp

Status Downloading In GBWhatsApp

With just a single tap you can download any of the statuses from your friends or WhatsApp contact list using GBWhatsApp. You can use this without any second thought of being caught.


These are the simple tricks that allow users to save the statuses and there isn’t any rocket science for that. You don’t have to play with code or root your mobile for this to happen. Also, download and install GBWhatsApp to enjoy additional features and benefits.

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  1. Parth Rajani says:

    Hey here is one of app where you can save your loved one’s status.

    Status saver for WhatsApp is app where you can download and view your friends WhatsApp status.
    App will allow to share your friends status to set in your story/status in any social media app.

  2. Mayank says:

    Great tutorial, I love it. I also found this app and it really helped me in saving status
    Status Saver: WhatsTools Status Download & Chat

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How to Save WhatsApp Status for Offline in Android?

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